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WWII Luftwaffe Aircraft Clocks  (Junghans and Kienzle)




WWII Junghans Chronograph used in ME 109

If you have an aircraft clock you need serviced, you will find  services and charges listed on the Aircraft Clock Restorations and Repair Services page.

We  service and sell restored WWII clocks used by the Luftwaffe which were manufactured by Kienzle and Junghans.  Both clocks have 12 hour dials with rotating bezels for tracking event times.

The Junghans has a 15 minute chronograph.  While I know less about these clocks than I do about clocks used by American forces, I was told this timer was important because the limited fuel capacity of the ME 109 required the pilot to keep track of combat time.

We have a limited supply of NOS parts for replacing breakable parts (balance staffs and jewels).  As far as I know we are the US facility that has these parts.

These clocks are not found as frequently as Allied forces clocks due to the survival rate of aircraft.  Also, many American clocks were kept in service until the 1980s while the German clocks were not.

Also, it has been my experience that the cases and mounting frames of many of the Junghans clocks (and the similar Seiko) are damaged beyond use by those unfamiliar with removing these movements from the cases.  Such clocks are not resold by us, we use them for parts only.

Unless it is a balance staff, hole jewel or mainspring, parts generally have to be made for these clocks.  Here is an example of one such part:  Making a Return Spring for a Junghans Aircraft Chronograph .

Below are some photos of the currently unrestored clocks.  I apologize for this and recognize it is not the best way to show these off.  However, I spent a week (July 2007) preparing the new pages showing the range of aircraft clocks and I wanted to ensure these were included.

Cost of Fully Refurbished Junghans 15 minute Chronograph Clock with Certificate of Performance and 1 year warranty:  $675  plus shipping.



Cost of Fully Refurbished Kienzle Clock with  Certificate of Performance and 1 year warranty:  $475  plus shipping.






For shipping  or ordering information, contact:

Dewey Clark                   410.592.9998

Email Contact:         Historictimekeepers@gmail.com

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