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Historic Timekeeper's Ultrasonic Clock Cleaner Concentrate
HTI Cleaner

About 8 years ago, I became frustrated  with the increasing costs of commercial cleaning solutions.  The water based concentrates had risen in cost from $8 per gallon and now cost  $50 per gallon.  The solvent based solutions were less expensive, but they are harsh on the environment and present some minor risks to the workman.

I started using this formula, and after a while it occurred to me that there may be others who shared my concerns.  This cleaner became almost an instant hit.  It received a very positive evaluation from Roy Hovey that was published in Watch and Clock Review.  In addition to being highly effective, it is safe for the workman, environment and clock (see the MSDS page).  

This is a water based soap concentrate that has the distinct advantage of  meeting the criteria for a low ammoniated cleaner as recommended in the BHI's Conservation of Clocks and Watches.  It is also much less likely than other cleaners to remove the lacquer from new production clocks.  No hazardous shipping fee is required.

For rinses, I recommend one rinse of hot water to drive off the cleaner, and one rinse of alcohol to drive off the water.  Follow this with forced air heat drying.

One gallon of concentrate makes 8 gallons of cleaner solution.

Important News!  This product is now only available through Timesavers, Inc.  you may order it by calling 1.800.552.1520.  It is stocked as their item no. 17864.  They take credit cards.

Timesavers is selling the Historic Timekeepers Cleaning Solution for $23.50 per galon, which is less than I charged for direct sales.

Or, you can visit the Timesavers website.



For shipping  or ordering information, contact:

Dewey Clark                   410.592.9998

Email Contact:         Historictimekeepers@gmail.com

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