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Levin Watchmaker Lathe Equipment  and Attachments for Sale
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There is a lot of watchmaker lathe equipment listed here.  Take the time to scroll through as there  a lot of 10mm Levin setup I used and then some specialized 8mm watchmaker lathe equipment.  All of it is in very good condition.

The pictures show the index plates and other attachments which are listed and described on the main sales page Watchmaking Equipment for Sale

Complete Set of Levin Index Plates (w/ Latch) for Cutting Gears and Pinions.  This includes several shop made latch plates to make some non standard parts.  Hubs are bored for the Levin 10mm lathe spindle; but I do know they fit my Levin 8mm Ball Bearing headstock.; but you can sleeve them or make new ones for an 8mm lathe.  Every original no. plus some I made: 300,240,200,158,156 100, 98, 96,92,90,(2),88,86,84,82,80,78,77,76,75,74,73,72,71,70,69,68,67,66,65,64,63,62,61,60,59-51.  Levin spring latch and latch spring stop.  This will fit ont ot the 10mm lathe with no modifications.  May need to make a mount for other lathes.

I used this set for years before I got the indexing attachment for my 102.  Now I cut everything on that lathe.  Used this on a Levin 10mm headstock mounted on the milling machine listed below.

Price: $1100

Levin WW 8mm Grinding/Milling Spindle.  (Retired Watchmaker) This spindle is in excellent condition.  Ball bearings are smooth with no crunchiness.  This has two bases; one is the original Levin grinding attachment base for mounting on the sliderest.  The other base is a very nicely shop made base to use the spindle for precision grinding dowels and pins on a surface grinder (a poor man's centerless grinder).  Comes with the pulley for setup as a grinding attachment and knurled knob for use as a spin fixture on its base. The base for spin grinding is a VERY nice piece of work.  The overhead pulley is incomplete and is thrown in.  Something I had lying around.

Price:  $475


Levin WW 8mm Lathe Collets (Fractional).    Set of 13 Levin Fractional collets, incomplete but hard to find.  1/64 through 15/64 missing 9/64 and 3/8.  The bores are all in excellent shape.  These can be a lifesaver when stock will not fit a metric collet.

Price:  $140

Full Set of WW 8mm lathe collets.  (Retired Watchmaker) Set of 48 metric collets from .3mm to 5.0 mm.  All but two are hardened; the two soft collets (31 & 32) are Starret (two lines)  Four are unmarked but hardened (single line),  two are Schaublin (S), one is Deryshire (D) and the rest of the set is Peerless.  These collets are used but not abused.  The nice thing about Peerless collets is that their keyway is one of the deepest enabling them to fit most headstocks without modification.  Collet tray included.  The picture includes the fractional collets listed above; but there are NOT included; just the set in the bottom 7 rows (there are 3 extra collets).

Price: $525


I purchased the collets as surplus back in 1995.   I had new bearings installed in the 10mm lathe around 2005 and have used it very little since as I then acquired everything I needed for cutting wheels/pinion on the Habegger 102.  I will sell the Levin 10 MM setup as a set or in individual parts. 



The lathe itself is the modern Levin 10mm lathe with the 10mm collet holding tailstock.  The tailstock is equipped with a micrometric depth adjuster for drilling.  The tails stock and headstock are completely aligned.  Included is the T rest and accessory clamp.  

Price for Lathe by itself is $750. SOLD


The full set of 10mm Metric collets is about as clean as you are going to get.  I got to be the one who removed them from their tubes and I take care of my equipment.  They are no 1-80 with half sizes from 1-10.

Price for the collets by themselves is $1800. SOLD


There are two 6 jaw bezel chucks.  Both operate smoothly

The Swiss Alina has machineable jaws and has a lot of material yet for machining to your needs.  The price of the Alina is $425 SOLD


The USA HR (Levin?) has hardened jaws. The price for it is $375. SOLD

The 10 MM Levin Tapped faceplate is clean.  It is useful for a lot of work that cannot be clamped in any other way.  Price is $100 SOLD

The 10 MM Watchmaker's Faceplate is Derbyshire.  I do not know waht happened to the rod for the centering point; but it can easily be made.  Price:  $100 SOLD

Various 10mm collets.  $10 each. SOLD

The price for all the 10 MM equipment as a set is $3000 plus freight.  SOLD

Here are some other watchmaker lathe pieces that are for sale:










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