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Restored Hamilton M22 Deck watch Illinois 60 Hour Bunn Special


Model 22 Deck Watch



Hamiotion Model 22 Deck Watch

The Hamilton Model 22 Deck watch was designed to replace the marine chronometer.  Hamilton tried to convince the USN to only order the deck watch but the USN Bureau of Ships was unwilling to take that risk.  By the end of WWII the Model 22 Deck Watch proved itself every bit as reliable and accurate as the M21 buth far less damage from handling.

When in service,  these watches  were sent only to US. Naval Observatory (and the Norfolk) where watchmakers who knew (and understood) the procedures for "bringing the watch to time".  The major advantage of the Hamilton M22 of other deck watches was Hamilton's commitment to controlling tolerances during manufacture, which they did since the first day in 1892.  Hamilton's approach goes a long way to explain why the ultimately took over the Railroad watch market from companies who had been in business for 30 years longer then Hamilton.  

For those other makers, from Waltham to Nardin, a deck watch in need of repair required the replacement parts to be fitted to the exiting movement and adjustments such as  a) altering the dimensions and shape of the balance pivots; and, b) the position and form of the balance spring.  These adjustments  compensate for age and wear so that the watch will maintain the same rate (plus or minus a few seconds or less) across the five of six positions in which a pocket watch is likely to be held. (see Rating Marine Chronometers and Precision Watches).

For a broken jewel or balance staff, a replacement could be fitted directly from stock and virtually no further adjustment was required.  Using a friction fit staff avoided much of the damage that could result from bad handling during fitting a riveted balance staff.

Today the biggest challenge to the M22 is remaining in service too long without maintenance which relts in damage form the pivots running while dry.  This results in damage that can only be corrected using traditional techniques and procedures.

Further, the mainsprings in most M22s are still the original 70 year old blued steel mainsprings which are fatigued and also liable to breakage.  If you M22 is so fitted, only Historic Timekeepers can replace that spring with new stainless springs made expressly for HTI in Switzerland.  These springs have a big impact on the timing results.


Historic Timekeeper's Precision Watch Service involves:

  • Complete Disassembly
  • All Pivots Renewed
  • All Hole Jewels Inspected at 50X magnification
  • Simple Cosmetic Work (Screws polished and re-blued, etc.)
  • Balance Dynamically adjusted to position
  • Escapement "matched"
  • Balance Spring Adjusted
  • Case Completely Cleaned 
  • Timing Adjusted Across Five Positions
  • Report of Timing Results

You may want to visit our Approach to Service Page.

The cost of this service of an M22 is $450 plus parts if needed.  We have most of  the original replacement parts that may be needed.  There are other parts we make such as the safety setting parts which sometimes get broken when users try to pull the crown up without depressing the safety setting pin.


Making Hamilton Model 22 Setting PartsThe inset shows the broken safety setting spring of a WWII vintage Hamilton M22 chronometer watch.   These parts are no longer available and have to be made.  Just above the inset you can see a steel part marked with an "X" which is installed in the watch.  That is the replacement part I made.  By double clicking on the image you can view an enlargement of the photo.






For shipping  or ordering information, contact:

Dewey Clark                   410.592.9998

Email Contact:         Historictimekeepers@gmail.com

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