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                             WWII USN Jaeger LeCoultre Aircraft Clock

Aircraft Clocks


                    Waltham Civil Date Indicator Aeronautical (CDIA)


WWII Hamilton Mod 37500

We service all mechanical aircraft clocks and try to maintain an inventory of fully refurbished/restored warbird clocks for sale.  If you are seeking information about clocks we for sale (Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham, Elgin, Junghans, Smiths, Kienzle, Jaeger) please see Warbird Clocks for Sale.   As  a rule, we have clocks available for WWII aircraft from the British, German and US air forces.  Very rarely we have pieces from Japanese, Italian and French forces.

Our parts inventory includes dials, new unbreakable mainsprings, hands, balance staffs, knobs, etc.  We seek old caches of original parts before they wind up in the landfill.  Some parts are unavailable yet commonly need replacement (such as knobs, winding wheels and stems in some of the Swiss models).  These we make in small runs in our shop.  Please note that unless offered on our professional products page, we only provide parts in the course of a restoration.  As a rule, our parts inventory is maintained solely to support our repair activities.  Aircraft clocks are highly collectible and a great deal of fun.  They are precision instruments made to withstand rugged conditions encountered in combat aircraft.  They also can also have a number of complications (features) including: chronograph, elapsed time and calendar.

These clocks need to be serviced just like any precision watch.  In fact, more so.  A modern watch is well sealed against moisture and dirt.  These clocks are not as tightly sealed and frequently are installed in unpressurized aircraft that operate at over 10,000 feet.  The changes in temperature and humidity can degrade the lubricants and the atmospheric dust works its way into the case through the openings for the winding stem and function buttons.

These clocks are completely disassembled when overhauled. It is the only way to check all jewels, springs and pivots.  During service it is important to install new mainsprings, renew all pivots, adjust the escapement and various functions for wear, clean the case and dial, refinish hands if needed, etc..

The Basic Service Charges are as follows:

Time only (A-11 Type)                                              $295

Time and Calendar (CDIA)                                       $335 

Time and Chronograph (MIG)                                  $375

Time, Chrono, Elapsed Time (Chronoflite,Mig)       $425

Time, Chrono, ET and Calendar 

                          (Hamilton, LeCoultre)                       $475

These prices will cover the cost of all work needed to bring an unabused clock to good running order.  If parts are broken or missing, they will be charged the rates quoted on the Custom Parts Page.  



For shipping  or ordering information, contact:

Dewey Clark                   410.592.9998

Email Contact: